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Bray And His Shitty Garage Band

by Bray And His Shitty Garage Band

The debut EP from MC Bray and his team (the shitty garage band) Smoothie General & Completely Illegal with help from his friends Squalay Evans and JMillz of Razor Boomarang.

Play it while the world burns. I/We hope you enjoy.

Written by: B. Stone & P. Evans
Produced by: SmoothieGeneral & Completely Illegal
Mixed by: SmoothieGeneral & Completely Illegal
Mastered by: JMillz of RazorBoomarang

Samples (In order of appearance):
1 - Half-Life 2 - G-Man Opening Speech

2 - Franz Ferdinand - Feeling Kind of Anxious (Ulysses Dub Mix), Kid Dynamite - Uphill Peace of Mind, CRX - Walls

3 - Vampire Weekend - Everlasting Arms, Ann Alford - Gotta Get Me a Job

4 - Childish Gambino - Boogie Man, Albert King - Cold Feet, Creedence Clearwater Revival - Get Down Woman, Aesop Rock - Tuff

5 - Luke O’Brien - Skies Cry Too, Aer - Songbird, Childish Gambino - Baby Boy, (Drums Stolen From) El-P - Driving Down The Block

6 - Beastie Boys - Say It, Carat Black - Foodstamps, The Doors - Back Door Man.